Reader Appreciation Award

Rules to this award:

1. Link the Award image back to the one who presented it to you.

2. List six nominations.


So first of all, a huge thank you to bipolarmuse for constantly thinking of me. I’ve linked the image above to her blog, so if you’d be so kind to click on the flower and visit her lovely blog, you’ll find that her blog is one worth revisiting. Little bits of wisdom, of her own life, her own experiences – everything enriches the experience of the reader. She’s a friend I’m lucky and glad to have.


As always, nominations are difficult:

1. lostupabove

2. thisbeatingheart

3. doorwaytoamaranthia

4. kourtneyheintz

5. ottabelle

6. pivoine68


18 thoughts on “Reader Appreciation Award

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  3. Congrats on winning this award! Thanks so very much for nominating me. Love the giant flower! I’ll have to check out these other blogs, including bipolarmuse. I enjoy Ottabelle’s blog too. 🙂

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