ruins to rejuvenation

we lie crooked in stasis

beneath the unrelenting storm

our arms crossed and eyes closed

shivering as we await an ending

we question the path that has led us here

but by doubting, we show weakness

allowing fear to strike our hearts

like thunder howling through the night.


all we can say beyond these mistakes

is that time will still yet find a way

to heal these bleeding wounds

and just as the sun will always rise again

someday our broken spirits will begin to mend.



For every second with you was absolutely brilliant, every moment imprinting on my heart. Days filled with laughter and sparkling enthusiasm for all that we were. Days we never wanted to end.

surprise and awe

feelings that come rushing back to me

when I remember the first time

that I saw you for who you really were


taken aback

by your honest demeanour

you always spoke what was on your mind

and it was my pleasure to engage

in our miniature debates

though you always seemed to have the words

to answer my ripostes

a clever tongue and quick to speak

how could I not be captivated?


the summer sun paved the way

for the adventures we embarked on

from the soft sand beneath our feet

to the fireworks in the sky

with you, I came to realize

that the city that I had grown up in

was more delightful

than I had ever imagined


autumn came

with leaves in gentle drift

and the comfortable warming taste of chai

we watched in silence

as the glittering array of orange and gold

unravelled its beauty around us


under the veil of changing seasons

we found ourselves transformed

from our awkward beginnings

into the best of friends

those days I spent wishing

that it would never end.

For the stars are yours to wish upon.

For the nights you don’t quite feel like yourself – for times you feel worthless and out of place in this great, vast world.

Hey there, love.

It’s okay. You don’t have to explain yourself. I know it’s been hard and things haven’t exactly been going your way. But it’s going to be okay. I promise. Even if everything feels like it’s falling apart, know that this is not the end, only a beginning.

This isn’t the first time you have felt this way. Nor will it likely be your last. Please don’t give up the part of you that shines so brightly in your best moments just because it’s weighing down on you right now. Now is not forever and you are so much more than the you at your very worst.

You are so much more than you’ll ever appreciate. You’re beautiful – fantastic in all your little quirks. And though you are far from perfect, you are always, always good enough. Though we are constantly changing, always striving to be better, it is not wrong to love the you that is here right now. Because this you is not a lesser version, but an important piece of your kaleidoscopic soul – colourful and unique, perfectly filling in the empty spaces of the masterpiece that you are. And oh my, you are a masterpiece.

Don’t lose hope now. Your dreams are still within your reach and I believe that you will get there. That day seems so far away which makes it so easy to lose sight of where it might be, but if you just keep your mind on it, it’s closer than it seems.

Do not be afraid to dream for the stars are yours to wish upon. And on nights like tonight, when you feel you’re losing sight, let the skies remind you of all the possibilities.

You deserve to be happy. Don’t ever think otherwise. You’re hurting now, but remember there have been better times in your past just as there will be better times in your future. When this blows over, we’ll pick up the pieces and slowly glue them back together again. Perhaps we’ll make something greater.

I love you.

I love you so, so much.

We will get through this.

these tiny little moments

Your honesty means more to me

than you would ever know

and I’m scared, I’m scared to lose it

I’m afraid to let it go


I enjoy these passing moments

these conversations on a whim

they’re amusing at the very least

and make life a little less grim

and although they only ever scratch the surface 

of who you really are

I feel this time is precious

a worthy reservoir.


The world is vast and filled with wonders

its corners reaching far and wide

and though you doubt you’ll ever find it

someday happiness will be at your side

and these days will lose their meaning

and slowly fade away

you’ll no longer think of me

but as a part

of yesterday.


That too is a beautiful thing

to give your love to something special

something worth your gentle heart

something to hold you together

on days you fall apart.


Just know that for today

you mattered

and I will not forget

your love, your nature

and how you live each moment honest to who you are

how you are unafraid of disappointment

unafraid to go so far.


And maybe there will be a day

where nothing seems right

and all has gone astray

on that day

I hope that you remember

that even these

tiny little moments

can go a long way.

Always and Forever

Because you were there for me, I was able to shine.


through the forest

through the rain

in the dark

in times of pain

a gift of courage on my palm

you held my hand and kept me calm

and so I’m grateful for those days

for all the debts

I could not repay.


voice of silk

and soothing tune

eyes as bright

as the sun and moon

your words ring true

in the quiet night

and at last

the darkness leaves our sight

so we continue on

our hopes held high

for the greatest dreams

will never die.


you are

the one

I strive to be


to you

I owe

the best of me


to you

who was always there for me


thank you

and I love you.


Some say vulnerability is power

but by definition

it is weakness


how foolish 

to believe

that letting others seep through

your fragile dreams

and etch their judgment

through the cracks

and have their thoughts

pierce through your hopes

could ever result in anything.


how foolish it is to tell the truth

when others lie behind your back

when those who rise above the pack

have done so in deceit

how foolish you are to believe

in the principles of honesty.


how foolish you are

to trust in others

when they have failed you

time and time again

when the world is unjust

and bad things happen

to those who do good

when karma remains just a myth

how foolish we are to love.


foolishness continues


but somehow in

the heart of weakness 

power emerges

in the most unexpected of moments

and in faith

we can find the strength

to carry on our ways



the tables turn

and the greatest fools of all

seem to be those that are not foolish.

Our broken hearts have healed.

we had our hearts broken

too sudden in its wake

and the uprising of emotion

was too much for us to take


you decided to release it

in an inferno of anger and frustration

and so you were always on the edge

ready to explode

but I didn’t want anyone to know

just wanted to contain it

hoped the feeling would go away

so I crumpled it all inside my heart

and kept it all at bay


but you can only run so far

before you have to face the truth

and on the nights when I just couldn’t take it

I would cry myself to sleep

release my inhibitions

give into a woeful weep


sometimes I wonder

if the reason why you fear love

is because you fear what you could become

because you fear what makes us numb


but you always looked out for me

in your own roundabout way

as if you could fix the damage done

while you were also hurting

as if you could fill the hole

while it weighed upon your soul


we’re older now

and the wound no longer stings

but it’s shaped a little of who we are

and in our memories, has left a scar

we press on forward

because that’s all we know to do

we still have some problems

but I think we’ll make it through.


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