caught you on the far side

pressed against a lie

conjurer of excuses

you have nowhere left to hide


broken promises scattered

in the wake of your descent

don’t know how to face you

does it matter in the end?


deadly atmosphere

faulty logic

upon which you have constructed your story

others do not question it

your lie

that is.


and the broad hands of sloth

are pressed against my chest

threatening and unwilling

to part

preventing me

from revealing you.


the hollow air



kills the spirit

murders inspiration


this atmosphere carries

no hope.

Shut up

Choked by this feeling of ignorance, of petty whims and lies,

He, who yearns my friendship, will fall to his demise.

And the music is now in favour of broken hearts and cries,

And it yearns for the stranded strings of severed friendship ties.


I lie on the floor, stagnant, fearing for the worst,

And my heart, my heart, my heart, so close to being burst.


Why do you speak? Why spout these words on and on and on?

You do not pause to think of what I think – my opinion – unless I’m gone.


And are you really talking to anyone at all when you’re not listening to a single word I say?

And are you really going to keep on talking, keep on spamming words this way?


Listen up, it’s time to stop.



Let your words flutter, flicker, flop.

In Hopeless Sin

the ups and the downs,

silence and the sounds,

the way we avoid what we’ve always known,

the way we wished we could’ve grown.

what magic exists in this stagnant air?

what justice is there, what is fair?

betrayed and destroyed from the inside out,

consumed by rabid fear and rapid doubt,

falling faster by the second, no end in sight,

still stuck in endless flailing flight,

if fear is a must, if fear must stay,

then get this hatred out of my way.

you were wrong to lie about yourself,

to spew those words from your fickle mouth,

i was wrong to trust those wretched lies,

wrong to believe in broken ties.

and so we continue on and on,

playing again the same old song.

and so we continue from here on in,

drowning ourselves in hopeless sin.


A slimy, repulsive beast slithers in from the darkness,

Lunging out towards you and hissing at its starkest,

You ignorant fool, you cannot run away,

There’s no way to escape this desolate fray.


And still you squander off onto the wrong path,

Fueling madly this enraged creature’s wrath,

You spew out those words in complete disbelief,

Still yearning for some kind of kindred relief.


You look over your shoulder only to see the shadows draw near,

A shriek too inflated to be contained darts into your ear,

Yet still you lie there in your warmongering distaste,

Unable to match this demon fiend’s haste.


In this incomprehensible confusion, in this messed up demonic realm, come to your demise.

This filthy hellion that stands in your path is nothing more than those damnable lies.

Two sides of the same soul.


and Yang.

Two sides of

the same soul.

I’ll cry on the inside

while I laugh.

All tears

All smiles.

Clutch on to pessimism.

Embrace the optimism.

I try to hide

while I shine.

My wordpress.

My tumblr.

I’m mature, troubled, misunderstood.

Innocent, naive, far too blissful.

I’m always alone.

I love my friends.

I lie.

Hey look, I lie too.

I hide my other self.

And I don’t? We’re the same soul.

I feel so fake.

Then what is real?

This world

And this world

Are slowly colliding.

From the Wolf’s Eyes

[I will try to stop using Little Red Riding Hood as a reference after this poem.]


She feigns innocence with that bright red cloak,

Laughing away the days and befriending the folk,

She’s faking! She’s faking it,

but the town has succumbed to her wit.

If all is oblivious, I will do the deed,

I will act the villain and eradicate this weed.


She gives her brightest cherry smile as she exits through the door,

This greedy little witch – I’ll give her more than she asked for.

Her grin becomes sinister as she heads to the woods,

Taking a treat from her Grandma’s basket of goods.


I’ll run ahead now and set up the plan –

Hide and disguise as fast as I can.

Dear old Granny just gets in the way,

So into my stomach dear Granny can stay.


I await her arrival with slight anticipation,

At last, at last, her condemnation.

As soon as she enters, she knows something’s wrong,

But opens her mouth quickly and plays along.


This game we will play until one of us dies,

But you’re wrong – you’re wrong to trust her lies.