not sure what to make of it

not sure how to make it stop

you’re throwing poison in the air

fighting a war that just ain’t fair


justice becomes a ghost

when you throw daggers at her back

it’s enough already, you’ve got to see

the light ain’t where it used to be


you can’t escape day and night

you’re not faster than the speed of light

you’re not above the rest of us

presumptuous and vainglorious


I’ve seen enough of your damning ways

the twisted logic in your brain

you’re living in the past

of dynasty days

so stuck up in a foggy haze


you manipulate by telling lies

what do you suppose that signifies?


you are the bitter taste of indignation

the epitome of loveless legislation


you make it seem like there’s no way out

from under your control

but we can do it

I believe

the world is ours to love and dream



you open your door


only for me

to stare

at mine

closed shut

against the world


i place my hand upon

the knob

twist but

do not dare

to push open


let it


that is all

i’ve ever done


i slam

a lock

upon its

restless self

not tonight

i tell myself

not yet time for me

to open up


cringe-worthy cries

and shattering shrieks

i still hear

the demons


beyond the



i ask you to save me

and you ask in return



well darling

i think

dealing with

those demons


a good start

allegro appassionato

I cannot reach inside

to pull apart

your strings



that plagues my darkened heart

I press hard

with all my strength

trying to tear apart

the strings of your design

I push harder and harder

with every chord



but useless

A resonating melody



I hate

your corrosive laugh


My fingers grow numb

their energy drained

but their hatred sustained



you win this time


I won’t tell you what happened today.

I won’t tell you how the first time you said it, the tears bubbled near my eyes and it took everything to suppress them. I won’t tell you how I left to take a nap in order to erase the sensation.

I won’t tell you how the second time you said it, the tears really came and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop them. I ran away then and that is all you know of it.

I won’t tell you how I found the best friend I never had today in someone far more patient than you are. I don’t want to lose him almost as much as I don’t want to lose you.

I won’t tell you how no matter how upset I previously was, I couldn’t hold it against you when you talked to me again.

Was today my fault? Or was it yours?

I don’t need this right now.

I have far too many things on my mind.

I don’t need you right now.

Please don’t ever tell me “I don’t care” again.

Because the next time you do, I might not be able to handle it.

I might not speak to you again.


crumple up the pain.

bleed it out,

do without

thoughts you can’t explain.


you are choking on air

on pressures transparent

on stresses inherent

from everywhere.


you wish to be alone

but not to be rejected

you wish to be protected

until you have grown.


You feel contained, completely restrained

by all the expectations that they hold

by deception; all the lies that you have told

and thus your heart is shadow-stained.


you can scream, shout, and slice away at the barriers around you,

but when your weapon has dulled, it takes much to break through.


It is not cowardly to hide behind your mask,

but question yourself, do not forget to ask


why do you wear such a disguise?

why do you hide the truth in your eyes?

and who

who do you hide your tired soul from?

who have you, in such a time, become?

and what

what is it that you cannot share?

what is the face that you will not wear?

and when

when do you plan to unsheath your being?

when do you plan to cease your fleeing?

and how

how will you paint your mask two years from now?

how much unveiling will you allow?

and last but certainly not the least,


where are you going with your hopeless lies?

where will you cease your




A collector but not quite what you’d expect,

This lone seeker of the promised confect,

He traverses strange realms, capturing aim

Though dreams are not tamed, but beasts of infame.


Solving a puzzle one dream at a time,

And melding together pieces of rhyme,

Armed with a dagger of aspiring goals

and wit and cunning from a thousand woes,

He will continue to hunt and hunt and hunt

Until he has cleansed all beasts from our front.


Shattering what feeds our imagination,

As victim to his quiet sedation,

We should run, we should hide, we should fight back,

Let the hunter taste our surreal attack.