let love terrorize

burning on the inside

passion from the eyes

no secrets left to hide

let love terrorize


plain white walls

barricade the heart

but the fated calls

so tear the gray apart


this red ribbon fate

bound and unseen

one to its mate

active, strong, mean


let no intervention

bar us from our meet

our love demonstration

echoes to the beat


follow through on what you have begun

the work is done, so fun, fun, fun.


follow through on what you believe

more to achieve, so cleave, cleave, cleave.


Heavy Heart

these tears held back in my heavy heart

rapture my thoughts and placate my art

my hands shake and tremble in fear

i cannot speak, i cannot hear

i am terrified to the root of my bone

i am afraid, afraid to be alone

the air feels cold and the night seems long

everything i thought i knew was wrong

so do not judge when i crash to the ground

when i feel more lost than i have ever felt found

do not worry for i will be okay

you do not have to extend your stay

i am fine and as calm as the summer air

i am fine and you do not have to care

i can spin these lies all the time

speak in hopeless, restless rhyme

but really what i still long for

is a lended ear, an open door

Paper Hearts

He loved her at one point in time and space,

He knew how to make her heart beat race,

He brought her a rose before every date,

Sweetest love and lasting mate.


His tender actions left her high,

Floating up as the days went by,

Her heart grew thinner with each passing act,

Unexpecting of the soon to be broken pact.


His absence cut her up like the sharpest blade,

Her now pensive happiness decayed,

She looked for some glue to put it back,

Her broken heart turning bitter black.


Like Humpty Dumpty, she fell apart,

And nothing, nothing could heal her heart.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Futile fluttering flees diminish decrees

while wishing wells wield secrets sparsely sealed.

Appaling apples ache, bringing blitheful break

often openly overt, harbouring her hurt.

Dying death deceased, living life leased,

Numbingly numb nightmare running right rare.

Slow flight,

Snow White.

Little Red Riding Hood

she looks in the mirror, her hair still unmade

she ties it up tightly, not a strand strayed

Little Red and her cute little braid.


she looks through her closet with a frown on her face,

seeking an outfit at a hurried pace,

Riding Hood and her gown etched in lace.


she removes her cloak from the hook on the door,

pulls the hood over – satisfied once more,

What is dear Little Red all dressed up for?


the sun’s shining bright and the sky a dull gray,

she walks with her basket and out on her way,

Little Red Riding Hood perfect as prey.


A nightmarish hell of a fairy tale

where dragons rule and knights fail,

where villians live and princesses die,

where wolves wander free with pork pie.

Words fly on pages, turning skies red,

The Queen thrives while Snow White dead,

Tears turn scarlet into droplets of blood,

Rapunzel’s long hair lost in the flood.

Without care and attention, the stories erode

and damage is caused when legends implode.

I open my eyes and all disappears,

but faintly remains those little fears,

I can’t draw a picture or explain why

these dreams appear at night when I lie.

Captured Innocence

the curve of her lips into a smile.

wile style.

frozen in time – versatile.

his hair brushing against her skin.

thin grin.

frozen space – stuck within.

not yet witness to life’s lies,

disapproval from adults’ eyes.

the sun is shining, glimmering bright

On young sparks about to ignite.