60 – my heart dictates

For some odd reason

the emotion comes before the rationality.

Which makes it so much harder

to believe the reasoning.

My heart speaks

before my mind.

And I no longer know

which to trust.


We are born with broken hearts.

We are born with broken hearts

and love is the magic that glues the pieces together

slowly, but flawlessly.

When love is lost, the glue disappears, leaving all the fragments

to crash into a broken state again.

Heartbreak is but that crashing

and recovery is but the remembrance of the comfort you once found in that state.

Sometimes, love stays forever…till death does it part.

Sometimes, love isn’t perfect and has cracks between the places

With enough love even the cracks can be filled in.

But if the cracks widen, even love loses it power.

No matter what, it is never wrong to love,

never wrong to want to be mended and feel the wholeness in your veins.

We are born with broken hearts,

and thus we spend our lives searching and loving so that we can die “wholehearted”.

Should’ve left her behind

Should’ve left her behind

this carefree spirit

that wanders

from place to place

with her heart out

for all to see

with her heart out

so easily.


Should’ve left her behind

midst the abandoned playground

swinging all alone

running after

no one

enchanted by

the sun.


Should’ve left her behind

with her



pig tails

and her bright orange

skip rope

and her notions

of hope.


Should’ve left her behind

before her innocence

met your lack of

before her smile

met your tears

before her dreams

became your fears.


Should’ve left her behind

but now  it’s too late

to abandon her

for you have grown

too attached

too much in love

with what she loved

with what she stood for

with love itself

at the very core.


Should’ve left her behind

but you knew too well

that you needed her

more than she needed you

and that she’ll always be

a part of your whole

and the part of your heart

that comprises your soul.

A Painted Heart

a layer of blue

for every second I have missed you

a layer of red

for the passion burning in my head

a  layer of green

for every word I didn’t mean

a layer of violet

for all the feelings I can’t forget

a layer of  teal

for all the secrets I can’t reveal

layer after layer, you have painted my heart

some twisted rainbow of your cruel, cold art.

let love terrorize

burning on the inside

passion from the eyes

no secrets left to hide

let love terrorize


plain white walls

barricade the heart

but the fated calls

so tear the gray apart


this red ribbon fate

bound and unseen

one to its mate

active, strong, mean


let no intervention

bar us from our meet

our love demonstration

echoes to the beat


follow through on what you have begun

the work is done, so fun, fun, fun.


follow through on what you believe

more to achieve, so cleave, cleave, cleave.

My love will never stray.

This delicate suffocation keeps our passion burning,

Lights the flame and keeps on churning.

Jealousy and posessive nature transform into virtues in this fight,

They battle against the doubts and fears that overwhelm the night.


There are words folded up inside our petty secret jar,

There are regrets that dye our hearts the bitter gray of tarnished tar,

But hold on to this feeling and don’t you let me go,

You are the rainbow to my thunderstorm – everything I know.


The valley between our heighted hearts widens with each day,

But still you must remember that

my love will never stray.


Speechless to you, to our fidelity,

You have taken and torn the words from me.

What I had yearned and craved to say for days

Disappeared in seconds amidst your gaze.


And some brilliance emits from our connection,

Fortifying my heart in its protection,

And no longer do I need to speak

In illustrating what it is I seek.


Love-encrusted blood pumping from my chest

Compels me to a smile that puts my thoughts to rest.

Devils turn to angels under your gentle, soothing tone,

Which I hope to keep forever – mine and mine alone.


In your presence, my desire bursts into flames,

Entangled ecstatically in our relationship games.