Just You and I

The world seems so small tonight,

So still with just you and I –

The moon’s calming crescent light

Is but our dreams painted in the sky.


Your laughter sends me worlds away,

To a place where happiness comes to stay.


Cancer, Carina, Puppis, Lynx,

The stars are welcoming us in winks.


And all I feel is love inside,

Flying high and starry-eyed.


Do you feel it too, my dear?

The magic floating in the sphere?


Everything will be alright,

All our worries will pass on by,

For the world seems so small tonight,

So still with just you and I.


Behind the Clouded Heights

I wonder what the moon feels on those cold and restless nights

When the stars go into hiding behind the clouded heights?


I wonder what he thinks about the scattered city lights

Are they enemies? Friends? Fears or delights?


And I kind of wish I could reach above and paint the moon a friend,

A yellow blob of brightness with edges rounded at the end.


And I kind of wish that someone would do the same for me,

Paint me a lighthearted soul to keep me company.


But for now, I’ll watch the moon shine, and shine and shine and shine,

I’ll wonder if I’ll ever have a love just as bright to declare mine.


And if the stars will beam at me the slightest tweak of a sign,

Then I think, like the moon, I’ll be more, more than fine.