A Glass Cage

exasperated by our fruitless interactions

no longer can I speak

when the words are cutting deep

onto wounds that haven’t healed

from our past defeats.


I’m finding it hard to believe

that we can make the change

we promised we would

but you know

some things

just stay the same.


I reach out

but my fingers just can’t reach

guess this is what they mean

by so close but yet so far.


I feel taunted, tricked, deceived

for I can see the brighter future

that lies beyond this glassed cage

but my punches and my kicks only seem to ricochet.


I press my forehead against the cold surface

rest my fists and close my eyes

my arms and legs are shaking

I’m a little terrified.


We’ve looked in every nook and cranny

searching for our mistakes

trying to find reason why

we’re cracking along the edges

but now I think I realize

that you can’t make fire from ashes

you can’t fix what never was.


my knees cave in and I fall to the ground

drained and hopeless

lost and alone


and drowned.


the tears falling from my face

burn upon my blistered palm

all the pain I had supressed

as I fought against the tide

flood down upon my heavy heart

and slowly tears me apart

from the inside.


but I think I have

just enough

for one last and final try

so please

save me from this misery

before my love begins to rot

let us push against this wretched glass

with everything we’ve got.


We will always find a way.

A little poem to help me find warmth in the cold.
Just a little one. To bring some happiness and love back into my blog.

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Cold outside, tired inside
But we’re still quite alive
It’s a been quite a week
Has looked quite bleak
But still we shall survive
My dear
You know I never fear
When you are by my side

A brownie and some coffee
And a few well-deserved laughs
Coupled with some poetry
And a nice warm bath
Tiny shards of happiness
Pierce through the frigid air
The sun insists on hiding
But I feel it everywhere

Winter brought me down
And spring is nowhere to be found
But I’ve captured a piece of summer
A little warmth inside my heart
And even though I haven’t mended all the pieces
I have at least found a start.

fire and ice

I’m left with the pieces

of a mask

I used to wear

not knowing

if I could bear

stitching it back together


Perhaps instead

I will throw

the fragments

let it go

for the wind

to carry away


But I’ve long forgotten

the face behind

the mask

my identity

my task

in the cold corners

of this darkness


I feel

a heavy weight

upon my soul

a frosted arrow

takes its toll


my heart


As I search

to find myself

my fears converge

and all I know

in the frozen scourge

is that I love you

for the warmth you bring

when all is skew

it’s lonely here

it’s cold and lonely way out here

my clenched tight fingers hold in fear

a certain sadness floods the air

i do not move, i do not dare.


my heart is beating clockwork fast,

this hollow angst is unsurpassed,

i watch the seconds fly on by,

disappear in the gray-lit sky.


it’s cold and lonely where you are,

you cannot find the guiding star,

a certain sadness fills your mind,

but you move, you move! unconfined.


you find me in the glaciation absent from the light,

you find me buried underneath the silence of the night.


it’s lonely here

it’s lonely here

but with you, dear,

i’ve none to fear.

The Skies are Ours

My arms so cold, my fingers numbed with chill,

Some colossal aloneness threatens my will,

The door is locked shut and the windows slammed tight,

The room is ignorant of a single speck of light,

Cuddled beneath fleece, but still in Siberian state,

The tears are coming down at fuller, faster rate.


A single whisper from your lips tumbles deep into my heart,

Breathless in awe; stupefied, by your simple threaded art,

A summery blush upon my face, the warmth comes from within,

I’m lusting, trusting, just adjusting; how do we begin?


You try to hide your confession in your little nervous way,

Your silly little antics hidden on display,

I tell myself I’m not yet ready to open up my eyes,

But I feel that us together can conquer cobalt skies.


Mozart-coloured fantasy warps around my dreams,

You and me, together, love to new extremes.