these tiny little moments

Your honesty means more to me

than you would ever know

and I’m scared, I’m scared to lose it

I’m afraid to let it go


I enjoy these passing moments

these conversations on a whim

they’re amusing at the very least

and make life a little less grim

and although they only ever scratch the surface 

of who you really are

I feel this time is precious

a worthy reservoir.


The world is vast and filled with wonders

its corners reaching far and wide

and though you doubt you’ll ever find it

someday happiness will be at your side

and these days will lose their meaning

and slowly fade away

you’ll no longer think of me

but as a part

of yesterday.


That too is a beautiful thing

to give your love to something special

something worth your gentle heart

something to hold you together

on days you fall apart.


Just know that for today

you mattered

and I will not forget

your love, your nature

and how you live each moment honest to who you are

how you are unafraid of disappointment

unafraid to go so far.


And maybe there will be a day

where nothing seems right

and all has gone astray

on that day

I hope that you remember

that even these

tiny little moments

can go a long way.


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