Some say vulnerability is power

but by definition

it is weakness


how foolish 

to believe

that letting others seep through

your fragile dreams

and etch their judgment

through the cracks

and have their thoughts

pierce through your hopes

could ever result in anything.


how foolish it is to tell the truth

when others lie behind your back

when those who rise above the pack

have done so in deceit

how foolish you are to believe

in the principles of honesty.


how foolish you are

to trust in others

when they have failed you

time and time again

when the world is unjust

and bad things happen

to those who do good

when karma remains just a myth

how foolish we are to love.


foolishness continues


but somehow in

the heart of weakness 

power emerges

in the most unexpected of moments

and in faith

we can find the strength

to carry on our ways



the tables turn

and the greatest fools of all

seem to be those that are not foolish.

2 thoughts on “nullify

  1. I’m still hoping that the meek really will one day inherit the earth…
    You are on the right path, stay true to yourself and you’ll be one step ahead of the liars and cheaters.


    • I don’t believe it’s so much being meek than being ‘good’. I wish more good people were at the top of the hierarchy. I think the best people are those that do good even in the face of societal pressures. I think it’s brave to stand up for something you think is right when everyone else is against you.

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