139 – some “back to school” moments

Woke up at 6am this morning in order to make it to ultimate practice (at 7am) in time.

Had never been to the Hart House gym.

So…Awkward moment #1.

Called Kimmy ’cause I figured I would get lost on my own.

She laughed at me for not knowing where it was and was not a whole lot of help.

Gave the phone to Felichia who attempted to help me, but didn’t have a good idea of where I was.

Luckily, Aly was on her way in and found me and pretty much held my hand into the locker room.

Have learned not to trust Kimmy when genuinely lost.

Karen told me to call her next time instead. I think I will, if only to save myself the shaming. 😦

At least I’ve gained the confidence to get there on my own now. And I guess, at the same time, the confidence to walk in there and work out instead of being lazy ol’ me all the time.

Hung out with Felichia for a bit after practice (I desperately needed water as my water bottle is MIA at the moment). It was a pleasant experience to actually know her a bit better – we found out that we’re both language lovers (of French and Japanese) though my language skills have decayed to the point where I can no longer maintain a simple conversation. Time to brush up on both, I guess.


Obviously if there’s an awkward moment #1, there is bound to be a #2 – otherwise numbering it would be kind of pointless.

So #2…

Walked into the Human Memory (and Cognition?) class.

Grabbed a seat towards the end of the table and started reading the syllabus (the format of this class is my favourite so far).

A girl sits down beside me – good so far, as I never mind making new friends.

As the instructor struggles with technical issues, she tells us to introduce ourselves to a person sitting near us – to make new friends.

So I introduce myself to the girl sitting next to me and we shake hands and become new friends and talk about the course – the standard protocol when making a friend in a classroom setting.

Then I suggest that we add each other on Facebook so that we could proofread each other’s assignments and help each other with the course.

She types her name in…

And we discover we’re already friends on Facebook.


“OMG, I totally didn’t recognize you”

“Oh yeah, we met in first year at the Dr. Freud competition that we won together”

Awkward level went up significantly.

Felt like there was now another layer of ice we had to break.

But when the awkwardness subsided, it was interesting to have someone I already knew in the class with me.

Kind of like the pleasant surprise I had yesterday when I found out Sarah (my lab partner from first year whom I got along with really well) was in Psychology and the Law with me. Was originally going to drop that course for another one, but now I’m considering staying in it. That is, if I can get a copy of the textbook without paying an arm and a leg. Canadian versions really kill the wallet. The American version is half the price and there’s an eBook available. *sigh*.

Buying textbooks stresses me out. ):


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