A new year & new goals (late update)

I’ve been sort of hiding from reflecting on last year’s resolutions because I know I’m not going to like the outcome and the disappointment that will come with it.

However, I was sitting in my social psychology of emotions class yesterday and the prof showed us a video about how to make resolutions that work and I realized then that there was no harm in trying again under a new light.

The basic principle behind the video was to focus on the positive: to make resolutions in the positive, to imagine oneself already accomplished the goal and to work towards that goal in that mindset, and rewarding oneself for all the little milestones that appear along the way. The main thing I hadn’t tried was invisioning the end goal – the end “me” and using that mindset to actually accomplish my goal.

It really struck a chord in me – if you don’t believe a goal is obtainable, then you’re not going to be able to obtain it. Being positive and preparing for success rather than failure is much more effective.

So I’m going to try it.

To wake up everyday (well, most days) with a positive attitude and to approach my goals from the mental state in which I’ve already accomplished them.

Here goes something!

Quick reflection on last year’s resolutions (not going to focus on the negative very much as that obviously isn’t being positive)

  • I haven’t been improving in my 3rd year unfortunately (my marks went down instead…), but it was a rough semester and I believe that I can make the change this semester
  • MCAT score was kinda meh, still unsure if I want to retake it & will decide after this semester
  • still haven’t gone to the gym…but will starting with tomorrow (ulti practice at 7am ugh)
  • been missing intramural practices….again, tomorrow is a new day
  • haven’t made a recipe book, but I cooked today so I’ll applaud myself for the little successes

Some of my goals will be repeats from last year, as I wasn’t able to accomplish them successfully this year.

But I know I can do these (100% confident)

1. Visit the places you’ve always been meaning to go. [to be expanded as more places come up]

  • the ROM [FEB 16, 2016]
  • the Art Gallery
  • CNE
  • Canada’s Wonderland
  • the Science Centre
  • Skating at Nathan Philips Square

2. Do NaNoWriMo

  • IF you are not overloaded in November
  • At least aim for 10k words.

3. Get to Masters on LoL (Okay maybe not this one)

4. Make at least 10 posts a month.

  • you’re never going to mature and grow and actively work on your goals if you don’t reflect on what you’re doing
  • journaling is good for you
  • do it

And here are some new ones…

5. Stop thinking about GPA and just enjoy learning again

  • blog about the material you’re learning instead of the grades that you are getting
  • because you used to love reading

6. Get that summer internship you wanted

  • or another one that you’d enjoy
  • be productive this summer

7. Apply to med/grad schools with your best shot

  • get references ready ahead of time
  • get someone to proofread your application essays


I’m ready, 2016.


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