Braver today

I am braver today

having survived the sadness inside

having found my own way

to thrive

having pushed

the darkness aside

and having stumbled upon

the strength

to survive


I am braver today

because of the hate I’ve received

because I’ve accepted

my flaws

and I know

what to believe.


I am braver today

in spite of all that has come


a new ship sets sail


the anchors

of the past.


I am braver today

but some fears remain

some doubts still linger

and some things just don’t change


but I know how to dig deeper

to unearth the courage

that has been buried for years

to pull myself together

on the toughest of days.


and I know that even if I fall today

even if I lose my faith

and the world is crashing down around me

I know

I just know

I will be braver tomorrow.

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