132 – Fight for what you really want.

Busier than ever. Trying to pull myself together. So many things running through my head.  Heavy.  But I will find a way.

My courseload has been rough on me. 3 lab courses in one semester was not  the  best idea. Lots of writing – especially since the Psych course I’m taking requires me to write a paragraph before every class.

Went to Nuit Blanche but didn’t get to see any of the cool things.  Neither did any of my friends that went – they were all wasted. Wish I could get drunk easily… Or at all. Makes it hard to like alcohol since it hasn’t had much effect on me. I suppose that’s a good thing. Drinking in college is overrated anyways, right?

My One Plus 2 arrived…sorta. I hadn’t been able to sign for the delivery guy so I’ll have to go pick it up on Monday. I’m excited to have a new phone after my S3’s been acting so wonky this year.

Saw a friend from high school today during work. Was slightly awkward. He thought I had transferred back for real. But I’ve been back since last year so really, really awkward. Well it’s not like we’ve been close since after 9th grade. So meh. Some friendships just don’t last.

Sometimes I wonder if I just push too many friendships out of my life as part of my introverted nature. People really wear me out. I love spending time with people but it just feels awful once I’m socially drained. I think this tendency to keep to myself runs in the family… Something something nature and nurture. πŸ™‚

I had lunch with the summer lab pals yesterday.  (“lunch” was really a 4pm dinner for me). Talked a little about the elections (a consensus that none of us really want to re-elect Harper) and med/grad school apps.  That really weird but nice friend I’ve mentioned already has a few US interviews lined up. I’m a little envious, but also very happy for him. He really wants this.

Just made me think that if I don’t pull myself together then I won’t be able to make it there myself. If I don’t try harder,  then I don’t really want it (reference to Sky’s motivation video – YouTube it). So I have to give it by all. Live life with no regrets.  That sort of thing.

7am ultimate practice have also been giving me a reality check into how unfit I’ve been in the last few years. Going to work on that too because health is arguably more important than getting into med school. Arguably being the key word there. Heh.

But yeah. I’ve been watching Korean dramas again. In lieu of that, fighting!  ❀


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