130 – a crazy, but likeable friend

Was on my way to meet someone for an interview at Starbucks (for the Brain Day exec committee).
Saw Victor across the street (think I mentioned him before; he’s another undergrad in the lab).
Waved to each other.
Normal people would stop there.
Victor isn’t normal.
He looked like he was gonna jaywalk across the street (a really busy downtown street), which was stupid since the intersection was so close by. 
So I yelled at him to stop, “NO, DON’T DO IT!!”
But he did it. (And no, he didn’t get hit).
Apparently, someone walking by who saw it said, “He likes you.”
I didn’t hear it myself. Probably too distracted by the stupid, dangerous act.
I kinda responded to that comment with, “of course people would think that,  you do crazy shit all the time”.
He proceeds to tell me how he failed to jump from the nearby ledge to another at 2am at night, thus falling to the ground below. And how he attempted it again with friends around.
He really doesn’t learn.  Sigh. At least he admitted it.

The sheer ridiculousness that he is though kinda cheered me up.
Like what kind of friend runs across a busy street just to say hi.
It’s so dumb I couldn’t help but laugh.
Made this awful heaviness a little lighter.
I feel a bit better.

I think this nice, stupid, risk-taking, extroversion is what makes him so likeable though. 
Like we literally cannot go out for a lab lunch without someone recognizing him and saying hi.
I really admire that.
Perhaps minus the stupidity.

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