128 – the elevator guy

Saw him again by the 2nd floor elevators. Decided to take the stairs. He smiled and said “see you upstairs”. Argh.

(And of course the elevator beats me. Again).

Was waiting for the elevator to go down on the 6th floor. He was walking by.

“Aren’t you going to take the stairs?”



I swear.

If we were in a Korean drama, we’d fall in love from these silly occurrences.

But since this is real life

He just gets a laugh from making fun of me.

Makes me a little flustered.

But it’s not a bad feeling.


8 thoughts on “128 – the elevator guy

  1. I say make it your Korean drama… Or at least take a stalker pic of him and let me see so that I could be THAT friend in the drama and live vicariously through you. Lol

    • LOL I totally would take a picture of him but the only times I see him are like by the elevator/when I walk by his lab so it’d be totally obvious if I tried. 😛 I don’t even know his name.

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