125 – the damn freight elevator.

There’s this guy who works in the lab across from mine that I’ve shared a few conversations with regarding the shitty freight elevator we have in our building (I thought that damn thing was broken and didn’t come up to the 6th floor until he showed me that you have to press the button down really hard before it lights up).

Today, the elevator was being especially shitty (it went down to the first floor then all the way up to the 7th floor before finally going back down to the basement). After getting some dry ice from the basement, I waited a minute or so for the freight elevator before saying “screw it, I’ll take the stairs”.

As I was walking to the stairs, I saw the aforementioned guy waiting for the elevator (there is a front and back door to the elevator, he was waiting in front of the front door while I was waiting in front of the back door and the stairs are next to the front door). He said he’d been waiting for the elevator for the while. I replied saying that it was being weird today (going up and down without going down to the basement) and that I was going to take the stairs.

“Let’s see who gets to the 6th floor first”.


So I ran up those stairs as fast as I could (but my stamina sucks and I was holding a box of dry ice I didn’t want to drop).

When I reached the 6th floor, I saw him walking out of the damn elevator.

Eff. my. life. I could’ve just taken the elevator.

Felt really peeved at first. But then just lighthearted because of the stupidity of the whole thing. Just smiled and laughed it off ’cause it was just so silly.

Oh and it helps that the guy is cute.

Like really cute.


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