Will my words reach you?

We are the champions of the internet
Explorers of the digital world
And we traverse from platform to platform
To find our place upon the Web

We are no strangers
To strangers on the internet
We make conversation
With people that we’ve never met
Extracting excitement and emotion
From the words on the screen
Indulging in debates and rebuttals
We are both kind as we are mean

But sometimes it’s hard to find trust and value
In the relationships that we make online
For we could lose them at any time
Delete, ignore, and leave behind
It’s just so easy to press delete
To find yet another friend to greet
And this superficiality
Makes me question the significance of what I say,
For how much do my words really matter
When they’re being heard half the world away?

There’s so much distance between us
So many walls to break through
I can’t help but wonder
Will my words reach you?



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