The Power of Starlight

found myself on tumblr again, for inspiration. source is linked.

When I was younger, sometimes my emotions would get the best of me. Depressing thoughts would rattle my mind until I broke down and lost track of who I was and who I thought I could be.

But when the stars came out and joined the moon in the beautiful night sky, I would find peace and hope, find truth in the infinities, and feel better.

The stars made me feel a little less alone.

They brought with them the promise that someday my wishes might actually come true.

And that was enough.

Looking up at the night sky, I would feel a tremendous surge of serenity. A calmness engulfing every inch of my body. Soothing my mind enough so that I could fall asleep without worry.

Perhaps just the privilege of being able stargaze made me feel a little less ordinary. Because how could I be ordinary when subjected to such an extraordinary sight?

It was if I could see a magic in the stars, something brilliant and indescribable. And that magic made me matter.

Underneath the multitude of constellations, I felt like my life meant something.

And this was long before I came to accept that my life does matter – to me and to the people I love.

Even now, I feel oddly drawn towards the night sky.

In a way, it saved me from myself. From my excessive doubts and overwhelming depression.

A celestial connection.


Related to this matter, this is one of my favourite songs:


4 thoughts on “The Power of Starlight

  1. I love this, Nessa. Yes, the night sky is hypnotic. Proof that I am small, and not so small at all! ❤ Somehow I find assurance of the divine in all of us when I search the northern boundaries of what I know for sure………

  2. When I read this I felt like it was about me. The younger me more than anything. When I got a bit older a friend told me that new research confirmed we were made of stardust, a tiny amount, and it made me happy. If we could be of the same, even a miniscule amount…

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