116 – some really weird, but cool dudes.

Survived a day of terribly boring BioSafety training. I walked into the room this morning, unsure where I should sit. I noticed Bill from the same lab group as me was there so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to talk to someone relatively unknown to me. It turns out that a lot of his friends in the same programs him were taking the course too (Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist, which only has 15 people in his year…I didn’t know that little programs like that still existed in university, but I suppose they must). His friends were weird, but in a good way (like the way boys always are). They made the boring lecture a little less boring.

I’m extremely jealous of their keys (they’re called fob keys) that they get as part of the program. It gives them access to certain rooms in the Medical Sciences Building and the Pharmacy building – including the really cute sphere-shaped seminar rooms. Bill says he’ll show me sometime. I really want to see what it looks like from the inside. They look so freaking cool (maybe I’ll post a picture when I finally get to see in the interior) and it would be so much fun to have a lecture inside of one. I was even more jealous to learn that they have a ton of their lectures in those rooms. Oh and their classes are so small (well duh there’s only 15 people in their year) that they intimately know their profs. How. Freaking. Insane.

In any case, they seemed like cool people. Will probably see them again next Thursday for the other segment of BioSafety training. They really opened my eyes to a totally different crowd (or should I say really small group) of people at U of T. I’m sure there are other specialized programs like theirs that get similar privileges and I think my reluctance to stay at U of T (I wanted to transfer back) really blinded me from considering options like that. It doesn’t mean I’m unhappy with my current choice of programs – I’m not – but it would’ve been cool to take a look at what was available and see if I would end up in the same place as I am now (i.e. if U of T hadn’t been the backup to my transfer failing).


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