115 – a little update.

I think it’s about time I did another reflection on how my NYR’s are going.

I did get 4 A’s in the winter term (provided my TA doesn’t go back on her word about changing my A- to an A), but my marks aren’t as high as I’d like to be. I bombed a lot of the finals. The two classes I didn’t get A’s in (B+ in Phys Chem, A- in Biopsych), I could’ve easily gotten A’s in if the damn final wasn’t worth so much (50%). I was doing alright in both those courses and underestimated their difficulty. Getting a B stings, but I’ll get over it. Next year is when it really counts and I just have to do better then. And I have to do better. Or risk being stuck here forever.

I’m a little behind in my MCAT studying. I should be done with general chem by now and moving onto orgo chem. I’ve just been having trouble adapting to my new lifestyle. It’s weird to be sleeping so early and waking up so early after so many years of not doing it (even in high school, I tended to prefer sleeping late even if that meant I would fall asleep in class). I’m supposed to finish studying chem, orgo chem, and physics this month – I can do this. I hope. Most of it is just review of stuff I already know, but I really don’t want to miss any bases.

As an update to my MCAT study schedule:

May – chem, orgo chem, physics

June – bio, biochem

July – psych, sociology, verbal reasoning & starting mock exams

August – mock exams

My test date is on August 21st. As long as I stick to my schedule I should be okay (that means no procrastinating like you already are, miss ): <).


Working in a lab is not as exciting  as I’d thought it be. Part of it is due to the fact that I’m not working as hard as I should be, but a huge part of it is that I don’t really know how to do things since I’m working in an analytical chem lab without any prior analytical chem experience. My supervisor is doing fairly important research and I of course don’t want to get in the way, but I also don’t want to do nothing. Hopefully I can find a way to be useful somehow. :/

Another thing that’s been stressing me out is the ridiculous amount of weight I gained during finals season. I know my heightened cortisol levels didn’t’ help nor did the fact that I ate a ton of chocolate. I have to either a) go to the gym like I was supposed to (NYR) or b) buy a bike. I’m leaning towards b) since I see a ton of people riding their bikes as I’m on the way to the lab every morning and they make me hella jealous. I’ll look into it this weekend.

I woke up late this morning because I was having this elaborate “shoujo” dream (there was a girl and two guys – one that obviously likes her and is nice to her and one that is a real jerk but the girl likes him anyway). I haven’t even been reading manga lately (been preoccupied watching house) so it came as a surprise and therefore a source of intrigue and thus why I didn’t wake up right away. Hey brain, I can live without any more dreams like that, thanks.

Going to go focus on my work now…:)


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