still we play

a crushing sense

of instability

tormented rationality


a sliver of



some days I feel triumph

beating in my heart

and other days

misery is

lurking in the dark


I’m just trying to make sense of it all

‘cause all of this

feels like a game

but I’m the one

being played

and I think I lost this

before the first move was even made


but still we play

as every move

brings us closer

to the brink

of insanity

and though every day

feels like a mistake


still we play

‘cause sometimes

just playing the game

brings satisfaction

in some unexpected way

and sometimes

it brings realizations

that change

the way

we play


and still we play

because if

the game is not static

then neither

is the outcome








the losers


and we’ll never stop playing

through all the pain

and all the doubts

because there has to be a way

we just haven’t found it yet


so we’ll continue





brushing away the hate

denying evil their win

escorting negativity

out of our hearts

and clearing a space

for light to seep in

and finding out

that our ace

is none other

than the love that lies within.


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