111 – A 2 Week Plan

Happy Easterrr! 🙂 *throws chocolate eggs everywhere*

Definitely feeling a lot happier and less irritated today (a huge improvement considering my state of mind from the past few days).

Gotta finish an assignment then exams, exams, exams is all I got left on my mind.

In order to honour the difficulty of my individual exams, I need a plan to get me through exam season. My main goal is to reduce procrastination via internet (direct to healthier outlets such as exercise, eating healthy) and to increase motivation towards studying.

So for the next week (starting April 7 when I wake up to April 13 when I sleep):

  • NO league, Town of Salem (you’d think a browser game is non-addicting, but I’ve played over 150 hours in the past 3.5 months…facts seem to contradict the assumption), Youtube, Twitch, manga, and anime
  • Limited usage of Facebook (not that I’m on Facebook often anyhow, but if one source of procrastination is eliminated, I’m sure I’d get desperate) to communication & study purposes ONLY (Facebook groups are surprisingly useful for studying resources)
  • WordPress is OK (If anything, my lack of posts have proven that WP is non-addicting)
  • 2 episodes of House MAX per day (my binge watching of late is unhealthy, but I sleep better/feel happier watching House)
  • 3 hours MIN of studying per day (Let’s face it, I haven’t done much studying during the school year) – this minimum ensures that I don’t just sleep all day (Like I have been quite a bit in the past few weeks…)
  • Exclusion: Wednesday, April 8 – I get free reign on this afternoon/evening after the CHM238 exam – I’m going to need a ridiculous amount of ice cream and gaming to get over the nightmare of an exam CHM238 will be.
  • Punishment: Any violation of these restrictions within a day changes the 3 hours studying MIN to 5 hours and the 2 episodes of House MAX to 1 episode for the following day.

I’ll adjust the plan according to how it goes next Monday for the week that follows after.



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