107 – The secret to being “liked”.

Came out of my social psych class abnormally happy. My friends gave me a look like I was crazy. But I’ve always been crazy, so that’s okay.

We talked about liking and relationships (not necessarily romantic ones, but relationships with other people in general e.g. friendships, etc).

We all have an intrinsic need to be affiliated with others (have known this since intro psych).

We tend to like people that are similar to us. Makes sense. Common ground to maintain communication, to maintain closeness. Similarity over complementarity (e.g. people like people who are similar rather than “opposites attract”).

We tend to like people who are physically attractive. Affected by factors such as personality and how they dress. Changes culturally.

We tend to like people with close proximity and repeated exposure. The closer they are –> the more often you see them –> the more you like them. That is, if they’re mildy negative, neutral ,or positive stimulus – meaning you don’t already dislike them from the get-go. Seeing someone you dislike continuously only worsens that relationship.

We tend to like people that like us. Mutual liking.This got me thinking. What if I like everyone, will they like me back? I guess that would lead to a higher chance of liking, but not necessarily liking by everyone.


Knowing that someone else likes us causes us to behave differently around that person. We’re warmer to people who respect and like us. We like being liked.

And I think this characteristic of people is a really beautiful thing.

If we just love a little more, there’ll be more love in reciprocity.

Love goes around. And comes back around. And around and around and around.

How beautiful.

And I’m crazy. I know.


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