We will always find a way.

A little poem to help me find warmth in the cold.
Just a little one. To bring some happiness and love back into my blog.

2015-02-25 22.45.07













Cold outside, tired inside
But we’re still quite alive
It’s a been quite a week
Has looked quite bleak
But still we shall survive
My dear
You know I never fear
When you are by my side

A brownie and some coffee
And a few well-deserved laughs
Coupled with some poetry
And a nice warm bath
Tiny shards of happiness
Pierce through the frigid air
The sun insists on hiding
But I feel it everywhere

Winter brought me down
And spring is nowhere to be found
But I’ve captured a piece of summer
A little warmth inside my heart
And even though I haven’t mended all the pieces
I have at least found a start.


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