Perfect and illusive

with a sparkle in her eyes

leaving you helpless but to wonder

where in the world

her heart lies.


Heated silence draws you in

a thousand mysteries in her smile

captivated by the possibilities

electrified by curiosity

deliciously beguiled.


In the backdrop of

people you wish you’d never met

you can’t help but feel the urge

to take the steps towards her

approach as close as you can get.


For a while

she dances to your tune

laughter and teasing

joy ever increasing

but you can’t shake the feeling

that it’s going to end soon.


She dances on the fabric of your dreams

Light steps and pirouette

Close but never within your reach

tachyonic silhouette.


Some day she’ll leave you

and that will be okay

she’ll always be a part of you

a fragment of yesterday.


She would never mean to hurt you

but she won’t stay by your side

she has places to go

and people to know

the beauty in her stride.


Let her go where she needs to go

but keep her in your heart

keep her in your beautiful soul

and you’ll never be apart.


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