A Question for a Friend

it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way

gnawing at me night and day

been wishing we could talk some more

but I can’t be knocking at your door

because to you, it’s just another game

hurts knowing you don’t feel the same


it bothers me to think of you

to crave a friend in someone new

didn’t even realize what I was missing

now I’m stuck here reminiscing


curiosity is burrowing into my mind

I need to know what lies behind

the cheerful mask you don for show

I’d like to see you let it go


maybe I’m delving way too deep

might be due to lack of sleep

please forgive me if I push too much

’cause I’m feeling a little out of touch


sarcastic banter and a touch of wit

I love it more than I’ll admit

you made me smile for hours on end

and realize that you’re a pretty good friend

although I’m just another stranger on the net

you are someone I won’t forget

you satisfied my craving for a down-to-earth chat

so please allow me to thank you for that


I won’t push any further than what we have now

and I won’t ask for more than what you’ll allow

but I would love to tell you my story someday

and listen to what you have to say


I am drowning in an urge to speak

feeling greedy and so damn weak

I’m hoping that this thing will last

But the hours we spend talking go by so fast

I am foolish to be holding on

But I can’t help the way I’m feeling drawn

To the words you always try to hide

To the story you have kept inside


You tell me I’m not special, just the same as all the rest,

So why is it that I feel differently from that which you suggest?


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