There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now

I’m emotional.

That’s not a surprise considering my history.

I feel like I’m missing something from my life.

It may be computer games.

It may not be.

It may just be the fact that I just got back from a social event. And social events wear me out naturally.

It could be anything.

But the uncertainty scares me.

Trying to stay calm.

It will pass.

I know so.

But anyone who has ever felt how I feel now knows it’s difficult to just remain calm as a storm passes you by.

I don’t want to break again.

I don’t want to deal with depression right now.

I am confused, upset, and probably tired.

Oh life, I could use a really soft lemon right now.


3 thoughts on “93

  1. Hang in there! Have you tried breathing in some nature? Maybe there’s a park close by. I know it’s cold, but nature has a calming, restoring way of affecting us. Just thinking out loud. Wishing you the best right now.

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