Had a pretty decent Halloween just relaxing and playing games on the Wii U with a group of friends. I wish it wasn’t like a monsoon outside – the poor kids trick or treating had such a rough night. But having been a kid myself not too long ago, I know getting the candy in the end is worth any amount of rain and wind.

Definitely feels good  to do nothing after such an awful week. I know I have that midterm next Thursday and an assignment due Monday, but right now, it feels awfully wonderful to be indulging in myself.

I am probably going to drop that organic chemistry course I was talking about. It’s a third year course so it’s not like I’ll be behind if I drop it. Plus my mom’s right – I need to take care of my health before anything else.

I freaked out when I saw the brightly coloured wall with MUJI written upon it. No longer will I have to depend on trips to Hong Kong to get stationery I love. *So excited*.

I’m happy. After a long, tiring, stressful, and emotional series of events this week, I feel much better.


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