again, again

can’t pretend

can’t defend

once again

i’ve lost a friend


further more

into my core


of a broken door


to thunder’s roar


i close the book

i shouldn’t look

shouldn’t cry

though good things die


i made a promise i couldn’t keep

couldn’t do it, couldn’t leap

there are certain places i will not go

there are scars my face does not show


ripples in the ocean don’t mean much

if they come from somewhere you can’t touch


too many doubts in the sea

not all is what you think it be

trust has a special pace

it’s not a race

changes from place to place

you don’t notice

until it’s in your face

when you’re forced to take

and give embrace


but i’ve lost a friend

once again

can’t help but wonder

if it’s the end

too many wounds

i can’t seem to mend





stitch me back slowly, i want to start anew

they say i don’t mean it

but really

i do.


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