88 – Keep Pushing Forward

I’m recovering from an awful weekend and figured it was about time for an update.  I keep intending to blog but somehow always get distracted and never end up writing anything. I think the mental reflection I do in my head is enough sometimes. And sometimes it’s not.


Above is a photo of my Thanksgiving dinner (was planning on blogging then but distractions…yeah)

It was my first time having homemade turkey (in a home). Was delicious. Got to help out too. Someday I want to do the same thing with my family and friends back home.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m very fortunate to be able to afford to live away from my family and attend university. I miss home a lot though. It kind of sucks not having my mom’s cooking – I think I took that for granted more than I thought. My cooking isn’t doing so well. I try. I really do.  I guess I just have to keep practicing, right? (Part of my terrible weekend was me getting sick from my own food….ugh. I have to be careful. My mom’s worried enough).

I was also uncontrollably depressed during the past few days. Trying to brush it off only made it worse.  I’ll keep smiling through it. We all have bad days. It’s been a while since the last time my mental health took a turn for the worse so it came as a surprise.  But I’m okay.  I will be anyway.

I got my signed Lights lithograph at last!  It’s pretty uplifting (Up We Go!) and I absolutely cannot wait to see her next Monday.

…if only I wasn’t so apprehensive about Wednesday. I have to bake for a bake sale on Tues. Go to my lab (the most stressful one of the entire year at that) at 9am in the morning and do my midterm right after. Then I don’t finish class until 9pm. Yes, I’m so regretting 12hr Wednesdays. If I survive, I’m going to be so relieved. If I don’t, 2nd year really freaking sucks.

I have midterms and assignments up until classes end. Sigh. You can’t have mid-terms near the end of term,  that’s unfair.  ):

But I’ll keep my head up and my heart afloat. When things get rough,  I’ll keep calm and eat a cupcake. Nothing is wrong when you have cupcakes. Seriously.

If you’re reading this and feeling the stress and heat – I mean cold, it’s getting so damn cold – just like I am,  keep pushing forward. We’ll make it there.  🙂


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