not sure what to make of it

not sure how to make it stop

you’re throwing poison in the air

fighting a war that just ain’t fair


justice becomes a ghost

when you throw daggers at her back

it’s enough already, you’ve got to see

the light ain’t where it used to be


you can’t escape day and night

you’re not faster than the speed of light

you’re not above the rest of us

presumptuous and vainglorious


I’ve seen enough of your damning ways

the twisted logic in your brain

you’re living in the past

of dynasty days

so stuck up in a foggy haze


you manipulate by telling lies

what do you suppose that signifies?


you are the bitter taste of indignation

the epitome of loveless legislation


you make it seem like there’s no way out

from under your control

but we can do it

I believe

the world is ours to love and dream


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