85 – Update on my life :)

Wow, it seems like forever since I’ve made a post. The past few weeks have been really busy (not busy enough not to blog, but meh, it took a while to set up a nice desk/laptop arrangement and there were other things that I needed to do to settle in), but I’ve finally gotten used to my new home for the next eight months (maybe longer).

The weather’s been better than I expected – I expected more humidity, but it was just hot. Livable. Which is good. Maybe I’m adapting already.

I spent a ton of money (sorry mom) getting my room roomier (yes, I know I have amazing vocabulary, no need for flattery). I like it enough now, despite the furniture building fails while building the ikea furniture (my desk looks a bit ugly, but meh, not worth rebuilding).

I got a Surface RT and have been struggling to adapt to it. It’s not Windows 8, it’s the whole touch thing I’m not used to. I sometimes find myself trying to touch buttons on my laptop now…damn that touchscreen. The stylus just isn’t working for me so I’m going to try using my fingers tomorrow (6 hours of lectures yay ): ) and see how that goes. If it works, I’m going to refund the damn stylus (which works great on my phone by the way, just doesn’t want to behave on the tablet). If all else fails, I can use the tablet to bring the pdf and use a notebook/paper to supplement it. It’s still much lighter than my laptop and it’s great for typing notes (if only I could get used to writing ugh).

School mode hasn’t quite kicked in yet, but it will. I need to get on top of things. So much homework already and it’s only been two days. Oh gosh. At least I have Thursday and Friday to get myself organized. I’m not falling behind this year….hopefully. Just gotta not procrastinate…Yeah, easier said than done. Also going to look for a job and volunteer work.  Maybe join an intramural this year (and not quit it). Or maybe I’ll just go to the gym they charge me ridiculous amounts for in my school fees. Yeah that sounds good. Might as well go swimming and skating for “free” while I’m around here.

Cooking for myself has been interesting. I’m a pretty terrible cook (but I try really hard). I have cans of spam and corn for those days when you just don’t have time or don’t feel like cooking. So I’ll be okay. No instant noodles though – I think I would get sick pretty easily if I kept eating that. So I’m going to stay healthy and not get sick this year. Okay. We can do this. (RIGHT??)

I’m definitely going to keep this blog updated more now that I have my surface. Maybe do quick entries when I have breaks between classes or when I’m on the subway getting home (it’s a 5-10 min ride though and I’m usually standing so no bets on that). I might even throw in a thing or two there when I’m in class and I learn something really interesting. Not that it’s happening yet. All of my profs seem quite uninteresting – nice but boring. I hope I’ll be able to focus.

Going to get started early on my cheat sheets this year. I think it’s my most reliable method of studying.

Really hoping to make a few friends this year in the same major as I am. It’d be nice not to feel all alone. Ideally though, this is the year I concentrate hard on my studies and do well. Otherwise coming back to Toronto would’ve been a horrid idea. Let’s do this.

Can’t wait to experience my second year. 🙂


4 thoughts on “85 – Update on my life :)

  1. The only thing I can say really great about Ramen noodles is that they are worth having handy. If I’m ever not feeling well, the seasoning pack in the chicken variety makes an awesome chicken broth (and a lot cheaper than brand names). You’ll find your place, Nessa. Just listen to your heart, and when the winds come (as they will), spread your wings……… ❤

  2. Cans of tuna fish (in water not oil), with lemon and pepper make a great meal when you just aren’t in the mood to cook (or have the time). Lipton Chicken noodle packages with a beaten egg swirled into it makes a great egg drop soup as well. Peanut butter and Jelly travels well if you coat the bread with the PB and then put the jelly in the middle. Good luck – hope you have some real profs and not just adjuncts that most of the colleges seem to be employing these days. Be well and be gentle with yourself …

    • Ohh Thanks for the meal ideas 🙂 I’ll definitely need them for the coming year. So far none of my profs seem promising but it’s only been a few days…maybe they’ll grow on me. Thanks for stopping by, my dear friend.

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