Some random haikus from high school.

As per titleSome of them are annoying shallow. Oh who I am kidding, they’re all kinda dumb. But I’m sure I enjoyed writing them.


wants and greed and selfish deeds

world that we live in

bitter silence fails

when explanations falter


things that touch our hearts

become far and few today

science over art

control and judgement

in pre-determination

eugenic ethics

problems everywhere

what we solve does not stay fixed

and they continue

[on English]


intangible ideas

love fear justice death

[on Science]

logical thinking

experimental testing

physics bio chem

[on Math]

the clock ticks away

but the numbers keep coming

every second; pain

[on Social Studies]

historical thoughts

geographical studies

and psychology

[de Français]

parlez, parlez plus

ton voix est mon obsession

une vie avec toi

[on ToK]

apples grow on trees

lemons grow on trees also

apples aren’t lemons


8 thoughts on “Some random haikus from high school.

  1. These are lovely! I especially like the one written in French. High-school haikus are rather special – I remember writing several during incredibly boring study periods.

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