It only takes one.

If you see her playing all alone
In the corner of the playground
Looking like she’s wishing
For someone to come her way
So she can tell the joke
She’s been keeping in all day.

Would you go to her
Tell her your name
With a smile on your face
And join her in a game?

Or would you look on
Distance in your eyes
Caring but not enough
To go to where she lies?

Life is full of choices
And sometimes just sitting idle
Is a choice in itself
You don’t think you matter
You don’t think at all
But doing the little things
That can make someone’s day
Is entirely your call.

So stop doubting yourself
I’m going to say it now
You’re special and significant
Even if you don’t know how

You can turn your whole world upside down
By looking through a different glass
All it takes is a single move
To shatter crass and smash impasse

All it takes is a different path
From the one you followed blind
All it takes is that little bit of you
That you’ve finally come to find.


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