81 – A really cute cafe.

Currently sitting in this really nice cafe (Tigers Drink House, find them on instagram!) near my mom’s workplace. Waiting for her to finish work but also really enjoying the atmosphere. Definitely a neat little cafe I wouldn’t mind hanging out with my friends at. The place is so uniquely decorated with hand-painted cups and plates and some interesting graffiti and paintings. Overall, a stunning creative milieu. Not to mention free wifi! Definitely a bonus.





Wanted a Starbucks but this place serves just as well. Quite a tasty Chai latte as well. Mmmmm.
Hopefully I’ll be able to write a bit whilst I wait patiently (I don’t actually have any ugh!) for mom to finish her stuff.

I can imagine myself studying here. The seats are comfortable and the drinks match my tastes (not too sweet but full of flavour). Too bad I’ll be back in Toronto in a few weeks. Ugh. It’ll be okay though. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some nice quiet cafes there too.

Ah the air conditioning is amazing too on such a hot summer day. So happy right now even though I’m not home gaming away the day. All I need now is a cat to pet and life would be perfect.

Hope everyone is having an equally wonderful day 🙂


4 thoughts on “81 – A really cute cafe.

  1. This is so cute!! I’m in love with the decor ❤ hopefully the coffee and food is just as good 😉

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