Little Me

if I could hold the Little Me

whose shoulders sagged

with harsh adult realities

whose tears stopped running

because she was too exhausted

to sob anymore

and whose eyes stared defeated at the ceiling

arms and legs curled up beneath

a tear-soaked blanket

trying to make herself smaller

and disappear from the radar

of the stinging sadness

that was her world


if I could hold that Little Me

I would show her colours

vibrant velvets

exquisite embers

alluring aquas

and shivering shades

of purples and blues

and allow her to discover beauty

in the most unexpected

of places.


if I could hold that Little Me

I’d let her sleep on my lap

as I hum a small tune

and describe all the wonders

of slowly watching the sun set behind the mountains

and wishing upon the stars that come hence.


if I could hold that Little Me

I’d kiss her forehead

and pinch her cheeks

and tell her someday


will become greater

than sadness.


oh Little Me, why couldn’t you notice before

all the little wonders that awaited at your door

Little Me, Little Me,

walk into the world happily

you’re not alone, but it’s okay to be on your own

sometimes the best things

come from the unknown.

4 thoughts on “Little Me

  1. This is just magical … kind of a Lewis Carol feel to it. So good to know you see all those things that made you who you are, and all the mis-steps others made that you would wash away if given the chance. You may not see it as forgiveness, but certainly your daughter (that twinkle in your eye) will gain all of this wisdom from you … I’m smiling 😉

    • Awh Thank you for the kind words! Sometimes it’s important to reflect on what’s happening around you, in the past and in the present so you can look forward with a refreshed attitude. (:

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