79 – Updated Blog Look! :)

Finally got around to changing the feel of my blog. I wanted it to be brighter, simpler, and just as easy to access as before. And it’s getting there. I’m not completely satisfied and it’s really hard working under wordpress.com restrictions (I’m not paying $30 just to change colours and fonts). I might make a few tweaks here and there as I get used to this theme. It definitely has a brighter energy. And I love it. Do let me know if it looks horrible though. I don’t want to be stuck with something that repels readers from my blog.

I’m looking forward with a more positive attitude and my blog is really going to reflect that from now on (I hope). Happy energy makes a happy person. I know there will always be moments when depression will hit me really hard and I’ll stumble and fall during those toughest of times, but I also know that I’ll get through it and that I am not alone. A lot of people struggle to find happiness. I don’t think they realize that we don’t find any, we create it.

I know one of my other goals was to post more (and also comment more on others’ blogs, because I definitely know from experience that sometimes even a little comment can make someone’s day). Working on it! Hopefully by the end of summer I’ll have a rhythm that works for me.

Phew. Really tired from playing around with the theme (even though it may not seem like much). Going to call it a night and grab some rest before work tomorrow. Going to see fireworks with friends tomorrow. Hopefully lots of fun…I’ll post pictures! Hopefully… (:


4 thoughts on “79 – Updated Blog Look! :)

  1. Love it! Nice migration (as we geeks call the move of web pages or other computer stuff) It has a brilliance to it, where your original was more mysterious, and underworld. Has Persephone returned to the light!

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