Live Strong

i hate the sound of conflict

the tear-jerking




of being


in a storm.


some people should think


they speak.


i close my eyes

lean my head against

the window


in this moment

the world looks so tragic.


i tighten my grip


onto some hidden resolve

break free

of the predilection

towards helplessness

and march forward

to some brighter future.


i blame pride

i blame arrogance

i blame culture and society

for the turmoil

in our hearts.


i blame and i yell

into the abyss of my soul

and let it fade into nothing

because the pain will only go away

if you do something about it.


so i open my eyes

compose myself

to be someone stronger

it’s time

to stop


because nothing will change

in the absence of action.


you are strong

you are the change

necessary to create

the future you see

in the back of your mind

the future

you’ve yearned for

in all those years.


we are strong

and we can change


we’ll get there

just believe

in something bigger than yourself

believe in us

because i think

we’re pretty awesome.


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