what her face doesn’t show

For my mom. I love you.


she is beautiful

a goddess

used to be heaven in a home

her arms the most familiar sanctuary

and her words

a calming song


she is the warm scent of

freshly baked cookies

the sweet taste

of a snack before dinnertime

she is the sense of satisfaction

when you finish something for the first time

knitting a scarf

playing a piano piece

riding a roller coaster

learning how to swim when you can barely float

visiting somewhere mysterious and unknown

she is home


she is a watcher

but she is also honesty

not hesitating to tell you

whether you’ve done well

or wrong

she is your coach in life

lesson after lesson

shaping your world

but not your path

because no one can keep you

from where you want to go


we take her for granted

love her when we feel like it

rebel against her rules

because that’s what everyone else seems to do

we don’t bother to take a minute to know

what her face doesn’t show


her worries

her doubts

the dreams she left behind

when she gave it up for you

her wishes

her regrets

her reluctance to let you grow up

and the bittersweet feeling that comes with it


we only see what we want to see

she is nice

when she supports us in reaching for the stars

she is mean

when she is strict and sets rules to protect us

she is annoying

when she misses the little you that used to tell her every little thing

she is wonderful

when she does things you’re too lazy to do yourself


and never once do you miss a beat

consider who she used to be

but know

if you never throw

that pebble into the pond

you’ll never see it ripple

and know

that if you never ask

you’ll never know

what her face doesn’t show


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