What does it mean to love someone?

we say the words so easily

as if they were always meant to be

but when miracle becomes tragedy

we lose our fight and will to see

the fire burning deep inside

the chambers of our heart

we spend too much time thinking

of how it is to be apart


we like to dwell on the moments that have

escaped us in the past

but feelings of nostalgia

will whither, never last


and even though we’ve tried our best

we find dead ends along the path

but we know we’re better than the rest

cause we’ve always done the math

for one plus one equals one

when our hearts are forever on the run


and nothing, nothing can change the fact

that our whole is better than the cracked

but at which point do we let it end

find someone new to take us places

find someone new to fill the spaces

that within our souls descend


is it worth sacrifice to be together

when thorns are thrusting from the edges

is it worth our time to just try harder

when doubts come in giant wedges

I think it is but you never know

no one showed us how life should go


but I’ll hold you close and fight for us

until the day comes when our love will rust

but if that day shall never come

then let us remember where we’re from

we’re from the stars, we’re from the moon

we’re the fireworks in the midst of June

we come from places dark and damp

but have learned to light our lawless lamp

for we are light, we shine true

and all it takes is “I love you”.


7 thoughts on “What does it mean to love someone?

  1. If you don’t feel love,don’t say it. Words are powerful but they can be hurtful if you don’t really mean it. 🙂

  2. Beautiful….Love is a circular motion, it takes us on trips but if we are still looking eye to eye when we return, than we are back where we started at “I Love you♥♥♥♥. ~AmazinglyBrash~

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