What matters to me? Being happy. Following my dreams. Keeping an open mind. Expressing how I feel. Satisfying my curiosity. Living every day to its fullest or trying my hardest to. Reflection – knowing what feels good and what isn’t right.

And maybe having someone be there for me at the worst of times. I know I’m a lover. Always have been. I like to see the good in people and try to bring it out.  Just as I hope someday someone will find the good in me and bring it out. I think I need to be more than loved and I don’t know if we have the chemistry to be that something I crave and need so much. But let’s see how far we get. Work hard for efforts will never be wasted. Just love. Love. Love. Because life is too short to worry about all the little things. 

We have some shortcomings but if we believe and we trust and we love hard enough, maybe we’ll get where I wanna be.


2 thoughts on “75

  1. Some have said that happiness is dependent upon happenings so that it comes and goes. However, there is a transcendent joy when one has something worth more than all the rest that never disappears even when the things in life that are worth far less are lost.

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