Not much is new, but I thought I’d drop by before I head off to bed.

I’ve come to learn that I need to appreciate certain people and aspects in my life a little more. It really never hurts to say the things you take to be assumed. Thank you. I missed you. You looked nice today. You’re important in my life. I’ve also come to learn to appreciate my youth a bit more – my mother’s influence. You have to take care of yourself. Stay healthy – physically and mentally. Because if you can’t handle yourself, what makes you think someday you’ll be able to handle taking care of anything else? It’s common sense. Something everyone knows…but not something everyone takes to heart.

It’s great to lose yourself in a whole different, vitalizing virtual world…but at the end of the day, we live in one that’s equally beautiful and equally enticing if you let it be. Life should never be boring. Curse the person that invented the word.

Haven’t really much to say. Nothing life-changing happening as of late.

There are teacher strikes going on by the public school board in the province. Part of me wishes that it had happened during my school years (yay no school!), but another part of me sympathizes with the issues. There are serious problems with government spending, provincially and nationally…and it’s hard to think of a world where no corruption exists in the government. Power will always fall into the hands of the wealthy. It doesn’t mean we should stop trying to change things. No, it means we try harder.

I hold an opinion, but it doesn’t really mean much ’cause the biggest part of me knows I need to focus on myself right now. What kind of person do I want to be? And how do I get there? I’m not frightened of the future, but uncertainty is never comfortable.


2 thoughts on “72

  1. Love this, Nessa……. Many of my students struggle with the same thing, and the only advice I can give is that everything matters. Ours is a culture where everything sticks. Make sure you like the flavor of the glue. ❤ Always only love, Bobbie

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