’cause sometimes you break

sometimes you break

sometimes you last

sometimes it’s slow

sometimes it’s fast

sometimes you miss what you once had

and when you miss it you miss it bad


it isn’t often easy to let it go

when it’s been hiding within your soul

makes it hard to bear the pain

makes it hard to trust again


but forget it now

forget it all

you’re broken battered

writhing raw

but do not fear

it’s safe to fall


’cause sometimes you break

and sometimes you last

but always the future

will triumph the past

yes you miss it you miss it bad

and sometimes it makes you moping mad

but the sun will rise and the sun will set

and someday you’ll lose all regret


press on forward

and press on strong

’cause we’ve been here

all along


3 thoughts on “’cause sometimes you break

  1. Those who have never been loved have an undying quench for it. Those who have been loved and lost, seek it always and worry still for losing it again. But those who loved (truly and without regard to the losing), they love still…….and always, their hearts expand to hold even more – more light and more love. I love that, Nessa. I love knowing that love never ever leaves us less. Always, you are near to my heart. ~ Bobbie ❤

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