70 – I Miss It

I miss it.
The electrifying tingling that would rush through my veins.
The thrill of sensation.
The intimacy of uncertainty, of unpredictability, of the unknown.
Crystallised stares. So focused on one point that the world disappears… if only for that moment.
No words needed. Silence, a hidden game. We, the players.
The emotion in the air hovering like some airborne contagion.
Smiles into laughter into tears.  For no damn reason.
So fragile it could break in an instant.
But so resilient it would rebound right back.
There was nothing like it – that came before nor after.
We skittered from high to high, terrified of falling. Though we would fall anyway. And oh, so deep we fell indeed.
We built stories. Shattered walls. Sent them for repair but never went to retrieve them again.
Champions of each other.
Warriors of the heart.
We looked for treasure in each other’s souls, all the while painting on our hearts the map that would lead us there.
Every moment,  every breath was an adventure. I explored your world, and you, mine.
We were imperfect, but found perfection in each other’s flaws. We dug deep. Paved a new road on our souls and didn’t look back.
I miss it.
And I know you do too.
Let’s fall in love again,  darling.
Let’s make the old feel new.


3 thoughts on “70 – I Miss It

  1. I believe there is a point in love where it’s no longer an adventure into the unknown, but rather a remembering of ourselves back to the first breath, the first warm light of day. It’s a strange recognition of the place we’ve been moving toward since the start. I absolutely love this, Nessa! Could you tell? ~ Beautiful. ~ Love, Bobbie

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