War Against Our Hearts

“Despite how hard we tried to fight it, all of those things happened between us because our feelings for each other are becoming so much stronger than our desire. Desire is easy to fight. Especially when the only weapon desire possesses is attraction.
It’s not so easy when you’re trying to win a war against the heart.” – Colleen Hoover, Maybe Someday

War Against Our Hearts

These particular lines in Maybe Someday spoke out to me. I had to scribble something, anything…even if it wasn’t words…yet.

To be continued…perhaps?


One thought on “War Against Our Hearts

  1. Nessa, I love this start at whatever it may be……… When I read, I am constantly making notes to myself. I read and think, ‘how is possible that such an enormous thought became the sum of so very few words’……….. A friend once said that’s the difference in writing and literature……… Words outlive us. Is this a book? I need to buy it. ~ Love, Bobbie

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