Let our hearts reign

when love is stolen, we lose our minds

and in the darkness, power finds

roots and tangles our shattered hearts

crushes hope like poisoned darts


we crave release, we hunger more

and we destroy from shore to shore

and we, upon finding naught

continue crushing lot to lot


we often forget we are not alone

we wield our fire and wield our stone

we claim the earth beneath our feet

and lose the meaning in what we eat


bad things come when love is lost and power sets itself in slate

evil washes over us, lust and envy, greed and hate

and all we’re left with is guilt and regret

a fucking mess and a heavy debt

it’s time for change, time to bring back love again

it’s time to release, time to let our full hearts reign


2 thoughts on “Let our hearts reign

  1. My favorite line – we wield our fire and wield our stone. What a power we have, and so few (so very) use it for anything more than changing the channel. 🙂 What a sweet power, Nessa. ~ Love to us all, Bobbie

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