So much for my goal of blogging everyday…My bad.

But I think it helps to urge myself to blog. If I just keep losing the words I mean to say, I feel like at some point I’ll lose myself too. In any case, blogging is healthy. Like exercise, in a sense. Apparently neither of which I am good at keeping up.

But I’ll keep trying until the day comes when I can blog everyday with ease. Let out my thoughts rather than letting it build up and crashing as a result. This is healthy, this is fun, and yes, there is the possibility that I’m spouting all this just to convince myself of the fact. Things always mean more written out than in your mind, so might as well.

Went to the hospital today. I understand that our healthcare is free, but something about hospitals…something about the fact that you have to wait weeks to months for an appointment (unless it’s emergency and even then they make you wait hours in the waiting rooms), or the fact that they’re always behind schedule, or maybe even the fact that they’re huge as hell and are so easy to get lost in (especially when the maps posted near the elevators and the entrance are so vague and nondescriptive)…but yes, something about hospitals that make me feel uneasy. To think that I want to work in one of those one day…sigh. Or maybe I won’t. But I’d like to. Though if I did – I would hope that I’m more efficient than the current system.

In any case, I’ll try to blog more. And more. And moree. As much as I can. Or can will myself to.


2 thoughts on “67

  1. Yes, you are destined to do what you choose to do……… Even if it’s just looking cute in a room full of angry people waiting to see a doctor……….. Somehow, I believe that is a noble enough purpose. ~ Love you, Nessa. ~ Bobbie

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