Going to make an effort to blog everyday; whether it be poetry,  some blurb, or even just a single sentence.  I’m going to do this.  (Watch me forget like three days later. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!)

I was really jumpy and excited this morning for no darn reason. Maybe it was the coffee…or the fact that I woke up at 3:40am (I still had a good 7 hours of sleep though!) Had my chem lab and answered so many questions the TA wouldn’t let me answer anymore. I kinda like school again. I think.

Um. I should probably pay attention to class. Physics is one of the classes I actually enjoy. Something about physics teachers… they’re always so nice and enthusiastic about physics.  It’s contagious.  More later!  ( Hopefully. )


5 thoughts on “65

  1. Blog every day, Nessa, *if it pleases you*. You know we’ll be here when we can, your blogging friends, and we come because it pleases *us*. If you post out of mere pressure (internal or external), you won’t have so much fun, but if you find it’s an enjoyable outlet and one thing leads to another, then you’ll get more out of it and we, too, will be the happier. Hugs!

  2. ……….I write every day……….but there’s much I write that never makes it to these pages…….. But I believe (I know) they matter the same (perhaps more)……… Words come, dear Nessa…….. We need only prepare a place for them to land. 🙂 ~ Love you, Bobbie

    • Mmm. You’re definitely right, but it feels wrong though to leave words in my head and watch as they slowly slip away. For some reason, notebooks have never worked for me. So I guess in essence, I need this

      • yes……..you do…………. I write on napkins, calendars, receipts………..even my hands……….whatever I can find……….. for surely (you’re so right) the words will slip away. 🙂

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