finding purpose

It doesn’t matter who or what you’re fighting; it doesn’t matter who or what you’re fighting for; in the end, you are still just fighting for yourself. Fighting to create meaning in the time span of your life. Fighting so your spirit, your soul, your very quintessence becomes engraved upon the world, a group of people, or simply a certain special someone for an eternity. By eternity, I don’t necessary mean to inscribe it upon the noun that is time. For an eternity may mean a measure of infinity of emotion, of gratitude, of love, of grief, of prosperity at a single moment. We can’t all be remembered for centuries to come like the great writers, scientists, activists, politicians, warriors, kings, queens, and so forth. But we can make an impact. Somewhere. Someone. Somehow. Sometimes. And I think that is the most beautiful axiom of the essence we call life. Or consciousness, depending on how scientific we’re going to go here. We can matter. Or we can not. It is up to the individual to determine that. And I truly believe that there is nothing more astonishing, more extraordinary, more inspirational, more alluring, than the dedication to this axiom of life, the dedication to making yourself matter in this vast universe, the dedication to give everything and push yourself to your limits to bestow a measure of eternity upon others. It doesn’t even matter if that dedication yields results or not because it is the process that inspires, the efforts that affect, and the people that feel what you’ve done that really matters. We all have the potential to be “great”. And really, that’s enough. That’s all you need. To live. To love. To find purpose.


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